Do other people like these songs?

"Peter absolutely loved it! He keeps telling everyone, including a random barista that we don't even know!" - Jason


"My god, you work magic! I can't say too much right now because he's right beside me, but this is everything I could have hoped for!"

                                                                                        - Josh


"She wanted me to tell you it was the best gift she'd ever gotten. You are incredibly awesome and sweet, and I think it comes through in your videos. "  - Brian


"She loved it! She was beside herself. The kids were freaking out that their names were in a song. My mom and dad back home were in tears that their son had done something so romantic." - Richard


"This song is wonderful! It is most definitely the best present I've gotten in a very, very long time.I cannot thank you enough. How . . . I just can't even."  - Joey


"The video was a smash! Everyone loved it!you really had 'em rolling in the aisles.Thank you so much for making it a memorable event." 



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